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Questions and answers about the Catholic Church

Why be a Christian? You may get a lot of different answers to this question. Ralph Martin shares the intriguing right answer to this question and how he arrived at it.   Send an email to receive his answer.

Do Catholics really worship Mary? Learn the truth. Send an email  to Mary question for a free email response.

Are Popes really infallible?  Send an email to for a free email response

What are Catholic beliefs?  Did a Pope favor Hitler?  Is the DaVinci Code historical?  How should Catholics view Islam?  See  Books for and about Catholics

What have Popes said?  see:
Especially important Apostolic letters of Pope John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI Homilies
  First Encyclical

Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group - What is this?

The Life in the Spirit seminars have helped millions of Catholics make their faith more alive.
One will be offered this Spring, see Information on the Life in the Spirit Seminar  
Explanation sessions April 29-30 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. See locations

Go to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church  web pagechurch2.gif (6996 bytes)

Go to St Mark Catholic Church web page.

The Compendium of the Catechism provides a summary of Catholic beliefs.

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