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Prayer Meeting 2nd and 4th Sundays at 6:30-8:00pm at the Immaculate Conception Church Portable Building B (north of the school building) .  Everyone is welcome.
Call 940-323-2157 or email for more information.

What is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting?

Obviously, where people come together to pray.  But what distinguishes it from any other prayer meeting?  There are at least two distinguishing characteristics: praise and openness to the charismatic gifts.

A typical pattern for a charismatic prayer meeting is
Worship through singing
which leads to a period of praise
   (as stated in Scripture, e.g. Ps 100:4, 147:1)
followed by a time of listening to the Lord, Who may speak through Scripture, prophecy, or other means.
Sometimes there is then a sharing or teaching
and finally prayers of thanksgiving and petition

What are charismatic gifts?  They are special ways the Holy Spirit works through whoever is open to being used by Him in these ways.  The best known list of them is in 1Cor 12:7-11, but there are many others scattered through Scripture (see for a list).

Here's a brief history of the charismatic renewal.

A writeup about the Charismatic renewal from the National Service Committee

The Bishops committe statement on the Charismatic Renewal

A comment of  Pope JOHN PAUL II from his homily of Pentecost eve, Saturday, 29 May 2004:

Thanks to the Charismatic Movement, a multitude of Christians, men and women, young people and adults have rediscovered Pentecost as a living reality in their daily lives. I hope that the spirituality of Pentecost will spread in the Church as a renewed incentive to prayer, holiness, communion and proclamation.

The prayer group offers Life in the Spirit Seminars, which  have helped millions of Catholics experience their personal Pentecost and
make their faith more alive.  Information on the Life in the Spirit Seminar